I am  a Gaza-based activist, refugee and translator. I am orignally from Aqer village ( means sertile in English) near Ramllah City. My family was kikced out in 1948 and I am blogging to bring justice to my people.


5 Responses to About

  1. Imaan says:

    Keep up the good work brother!!!
    An aspiring writer with words that can be felt by all…

  2. It’s our honour as Palestinians to reach far away to the World & share our issue !! Keep up, brother….Truth , Justice. Peace..

  3. sedwith says:

    I found a reference to your blog while researching for a new post………..I hope everything is OK, I worry you have not posted and feel sick inside.

  4. I emailed you, I hope you got my email. thisispalestine@gmail.com

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