Veteran Palestinian Prisoner: Welcome to Death If It’s a Means to Freedom

Hassan Salama, sentenced to 47 life sentences in the Israeli jails

Hassan Salama, sentenced to 47 life sentences in the Israeli jails

Translated by Yousef M. Aljamal

Welcome to Death If It’s a Means to Freedom

Death Warns Us: Welcome! What a beautiful freedom!

Brother Abu Tariq. We haven’t lived together. We have not met. But we were close because we share the same life as all prisoners do. A life I talked about when I was in solitary confinement along with a group of other inmates, in the other world that is closer to the world of the isthmus (the line between life and death). By Allah’s support and prisoners’ heroism we moved a little away from this world as prisoners got us out of those graves.

Days before your martyrdom, I found myself using available efforts and capabilities to stand in solidarity with you. That world does not support or remember us except when a soul leaves a prisoner’s body to its creator, so that that world and its people get prepared to receive a closed parcel from our world, in which the body of one of us is put. Pease, send him, put him in a coffin and find him a place to bury him in.

Tuesday, April 2nd, our parcel contained your pure body. Excuse us my brother. We were unable to do anything for you. We, the same as you, wait eagerly to become parcels so that we might get our freedom. By this, we will relax and make others relax too! By this, we will save energies and efforts and money to liberate those who are going to free us!

On that day, Nafha Prison went on hunger strike in solidarity with you. We were allowed to go to Alfoura for only an hour. We were few in number. I was at one of the corners practicing sport. One of the voices called upon me from inside one of the cells saying:”We received the following news. Brother Abu Tariq, Maysraa AbuHamdia was martyred.” I expected that yet I stood still in surprise. One might say “I fear death”. Who among us does not fear death? I look for death! It’s a welcomed visitor to us, if through it we get our freedom. They said “Our dead O Hassan. What’s the difference? Which is better, the life of humiliation and degradation or death with some remaining dignity?”

We die every day 1000 times as we hear the screams of the sick prisoners and live their pain and suffering. One is suffering cancer, one has low blood sugar  level, one is suffering renal failure, one is in need of  oxygen and one broke the records  on a prolonged hunger strike. These things didn’t push you (the people of the other world) to do anything but it hurt our hearts.  We see prisoners screaming and tortured. How difficult to find yourself powerless in front of those (prisoners).

Death which you (the people of the other world) fear prisoners speak about in their world. It’s 1000 times more merciful to them than your silence, powerlessness, and ignorance and more merciful than the enemy’s gloating and mocking.

Abu Tariq felt the pain for months because of cancer. No one hears about him. No one mentions him. Not even a small piece of news or a sentence in a president’s or  official’s speech. We live his suffering and feel his torment.  As he dies, all compete to get closer to him and to talk about him! So, Abu Tariq gets 1000 friends and thousands of organizations …… I don’t want to harm anyone…. This is the benefit of death. You want us dead the same as the enemy wants us! Abu Tariq, enjoy a freedom you were granted by God. Welcome to death as a means and a way to freedom.

I wonder if a person or an organization come and claim that you are their martyr and consider your death one of their achievements. We will surely know about this when we stand before Allah who makes all feel satisfied.

May Allah bestow mercy upon you Abu Tariq and make the spacious Heaven your dwelling.


Prisoners waiting their turn to join you

On their behalf, your brother prisoner Hassan Salama

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