Turtle Bay moves to Palestine

Photo: MUN Palestine 2012

The Palestinian coastal enclave Gaza, which has been living under tight Israeli siege for six years now, is expected to host the first of its kind Model United Nations (MUN) conference, a simulation of the United Nations, in an attempt to enhance the participants’ awareness of the current conditions and situation prevailing around in today’s diplomatic world. The conference will take place in Gaza between 27th of September and 1st of October, 2012.

Participants are to be divided into four committees: General Assembly, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Security Council (SC) and simulation of the UNDP’s program of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP). Additionally, there will be producing MUN newspaper and entertaining guest speakers. The main aim is to provide the best experience for local and international delegates. The conference will host approximately 200 delegates from Palestine.

“What really stimulates me to be part of MUN Palestine conference is the current situation in Palestine. Exchanging others’ opinions of different regions, cultures, and societies is very vital in this regard, for it can help finding solutions,” says Ishraq Othman, one of the participants.

The UN played an important role in Palestine-related politics since its establishment. Hundreds of U.N Resolutions support Palestinians’ right to self-determination, but this time it’s completely different. Turtle Bay, the name of the bay in which the main U.N headquarter in New York is located, will move to Palestine, precisely Gaza.

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