The Palestine Brief (8) : Morsi Wins, Gazans Breathe Relief, Israeli Dogs, Criminals Attack Prisoners, Three Palestinian Prisoners on Huger Strike

· Rizqa calls on Morsi to lift the siege on Gaza

Dr. Youssef Rizqa, political adviser to Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, called on Dr. Mohammed Mursi, Egypt’s new president, to lift the siege on Gaza and open crossings to end the suffering of the people of the besieged Gaza Strip.

“We hope that the Egyptian new president’s first steps, regarding the Gaza Strip, to be lifting the blockade, opening the border crossings, and facilitating the passage of the construction materials and funds allocated by the Arab and international institutions for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip,” Rizqa said, in a written press statement on Monday.

Nativity Church deportees congratulate Morsi

Nativity Church deportees in Gaza congratulated Mohamed Morsi on winning the Egyptian Presidential election, calling him to work to end the political division between Gaza and the West Bank.

The deportees called on the newly elected Egyptian president Morsi to work on ending the Palestinian division, to maintain Egypt’s important role in Palestinian affairs and to complete the reconciliation process between Hamas and Fatah.[1]

· Report: history of torture in Israel

In A journal published by Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights and Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, a group of researchers explored the history of torture in Israel, the daily challenges that practitioners face in seeking accountability for torture and CIDT in Israel, and the changing face of torture.

· Prisoner Barghouthi wounded by jailer’s dog

Ahrar center for prisoner studies and human rights said a police dog unleashed by an Israeli jailer bit prisoner Abdullah Al-Barghouthi in his feet, but the severity of the injury is still unknown. Director of the center Fouad Al-Khafsh said the incident happened on Sunday during Barghouthi’s return from the court hearing that was held in the presence of American officers.

According to the prisoner’s wife, the Israeli jailers did not hasten to provide Barghouthi with medical treatment or transfer him to the prison infirmary at the time. Khafsh urged international human rights organizations not to keep silent on this assault and to save the life of prisoner Barghouthi.

· Hunger striker’s administrative order renewed

Addameer Association for Human Rights is outraged at the news that Hassan Safadi, who engaged in hunger strike for 71 days, has had his administrative detention order renewed for an additional six months. Hassan, who launched his hunger strike on 5 March, was one of the five long-term hunger strikers in administrative detention who were promised release upon the expiration of their current orders in the agreement that ended the Palestinian prisoners’ mass hunger strike on 14 May.

Hassan has been held in administrative detention since 29 June 2011 and this renewal of his detention is a blatant violation of the agreement between the prisoners’ hunger strike committee and Israeli officials. He resumed his hunger strike in protest.

Three Palestinians on huger strike

Three Palestinian have been on huger strike for different periods. Akram Al-Rikhawi day 81 of hunger strike, protesting his arrest without charge or trial. Samer Al-Barq day 39 of hunger strike. Hasan Al-Safadi resumed his hunger strike eight days ago in protest of renewing his administrative detention order, in a breach of the agreement between IPS and Palestinian prisoners.

Human rights center: Palestinian prisoners are locked up with criminals

The Palestinian Center for Prisoners’ Studies held occupation authorities and the Israeli Prison Service full responsibility for the Palestinian female prisoners’ lives in Hasharon prison after one of them was subjected to an attack by an Israeli female criminal. The center information officer, Riad Ashkar, confirmed that an Israeli female criminal attacked the Palestinian teenage girl Alaa Issa Joba from Al-Khalil city, and tried to strangle her.[2]

IOF chase: 16 Palestinian injured

16 Palestinian workers were injured when their car overturned due to an Israeli occupation forces’ chase near Husan village to the west of Bethlehem on Sunday. Abdulhalim Ja’afra, the spokesman for ambulance and emergency in Bethlehem, said that the workers sustained light to moderate injuries in the incident.

He quoted the workers as saying that the Israeli occupation forces chased them when they entered the green line to look for jobs in 1948 lands. The workers said that their vehicle overturned and the soldiers beat them up despite their injuries then handed them to the Palestinian liaison office, Ja’afra said.

IPS refuses to treat Palestinian prisoner with bullet in his head

Palestinian prisoner Shadi Mousa is suffering from excruciating pain and needs head surgery to extract a bullet from his skull, his family in Marka village, south of Jenin, said. The family said that Mousa, 35, was shot by the Israeli occupation forces during his arrest ten years ago.

They said that Mousa, who is serving a 25-year sentence, is in a very serious condition, adding that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) refuses to allow the surgery and only gives him sedatives. The family appealed to human rights groups to pressure the IPS to allow proper treatment of Mousa, who also suffers from heart problems and underwent two heart surgeries.

Plan to establish Jewish museum under Al-Aqsa mosque

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage (AFEH) issued a statement on Tuesday revealing that the occupation authorities had recently ratified a budget of four million shekels (more than one million dollars) to establish a Jewish center.

The center will be built under the name “audio-visual Museum”, at the entrance of Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, a few meters from the south of Al Aqsa Mosque.

The foundation added that the site on which the center will be set up is a historic water well and a cavity of seven meters under the ground. The museum will be connected to the tunnels’ network dug by the occupation underground in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

IOA exceeds demolition in Jerusalem, Jordan Valley

The Israeli occupation authority has served demolition notices in occupied Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley on Sunday, local sources said. They said that IOA-controlled Jerusalem municipality distributed the demolition notices to five houses in Bustan suburb in Silwan town south of Al-Aqsa mosque.

Israel Demolishes Historic Islamic Sites In Jerusalem

The Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage issued a press release, on Monday, revealing that Israeli bulldozers destroyed and demolished historic Islamic sites dating back to the Umayyad and Abbasid eras, in addition to the Ottoman era in occupied Jerusalem. Some of the demolished sites are a mosque and a school building dating back to the Umayyad era.

The Foundation said that the so-called Israel’s Archeological Authority has been destroying and burying ancient Islamic sites over the last five years during excavations in Al-Boraq area, 100 meters west of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The area is part of the Al-Magharba neighborhood that was demolished by Israel on June 11, 1967, after Israel occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Open letter to US Senator Mark Kirk: Darwinism has no place in international law

The BADIL Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency & Refuges rights released a letter stated that “The true and equitable solution to the Palestinian refugee question is not to be found through the arbitrary re-labeling of refugee status, but through enforcement of the internationally-recognized right of return, allowing Palestinians to return to their homes and places of origin.”

· Palestinian call to register for upcoming council elections

Signed by an array of figures representing almost all sectors of Palestinian society, a national call has been issued to register for the planned Palestinian National Council Elections. The call includes points of consensus within Palestinian society about what a just peace in the region entails.

The conduct of elections was one of the points of agreement in the 2011 Cairo reconciliation agreement reached by Hamas and Fatah. According to the call, active participation in the registration drive – which is conducted both in the homeland and outside, “will affirm our people’s commitment to our inalienable rights, foremost amongst them the rights of return, self-determination and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

· Israel continues attack on South Hebron Communities

Israel continues its policies of forced transfer against Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills area, distributing five stop work/demolition orders on Monday morning to landowners in the village of Tuba. This follows on the heels of last week’s delivery of some 50 demolition orders to the South Hebron Hills village of Susiya, orders which will wipe the community of Susiya off the map.[3]

IUG celebrates alive and dead graduates

The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), the biggest university in Palestine, ranked the 14th in the Arab World, celebrated yesterday the graduation of a group of students from the Faculty of Arts. The graduates attended

four-year programs in various fields, majoring in English Literature, Mass Communication, History, Geography, Arabic Literature and Geographic Information System (GIS). This is the 31st group to graduate from IUG since its establishment. The total number of graduates this year is 3658 and the number of graduates since the establishment of the university in 1978 exceeds 46,000, studying in more than 100 majors.

On June the 26th, IUG celebrated the graduation of the first group of students from the Faculty of Medicine, which was established in 2006. The graduates completed a six-year program. The faculty faced numerous difficulties during the time of the Israeli siege, yet efforts were made to overcome the obstacles.




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