On the 9th anniversary of Rachel Corrie: Global Justice

Today, I look for words to describe her without finding. Rachel Corrie sacrificed her soul for not adding a new family to the homeless people in Palestine, certainly Rafah. She acted as a human shield. I didn’t.

In appreciation of her courage and faithfulness to her passion, I am writing today. Words will not bring her back to life nor will condemnations do. I am reminding myself and people of her. She was, by then, one of a few people decided to be on the right side of history. She faced the Israeli bulldozers by her bare chest. She could not stop them. She died. The killer is still free.

This year’s anniversary is sort of unique. It marks the 29 day of Hanna Shalabi ‘s hunger strike. Both, Rachel and Hanna, wanted justice to prevail.

The idea if Rachel, the very idea of her is a trend disturbs many. The universal citizen represented in her very character is seen worldwide. The saying “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” is a practice nowadays. 

I see hope in her facing the bulldozer. I look for a better tomorrow, for the day when we live in peace and love with no hatred, as we always wish. 

March is the cruelest month.

On the 9th anniversary, peace be upon you, daughter of Palestine.

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