Palestinians’ rift: the tale

The naughty 6-year old Sarah asked her aunt who was recalling the old
days of Palestine, the united, to tell her a tale that she is more than keen to
listen to, the tale of Palestinian disunity. The aunt looked at her, nodded,
remembered the story that she herself experienced, the wound that led to it,
cursed some people and mumbled unknown words. The young girl smiled from ear to
ear as she knew that she is going to listen to a narration on her own missed history and
occupied country.

Aunt: Once upon time, I and your grandparents lived somewhere in a
village that is close to the horizon you see, but never touch, in harmony. By
then, we had not thought of the idea of rift for a single moment for it was a
reality that no one dared to violate, a shrine that believers used to visit, a smile we
all loved to draw, an aspiration we all worked to maintain and a star took its
position in the Palestinian Sky.

Sarah: huh? That’s amazing aunt! Go on please, I can’t wait anymore!

Aunt, well Sarah, It was the devilish notions of aliens that spoiled the
whole cook. There was a guy called Balfour who looked like the trouble-maker
you meet while heading to school! He gave another people what they didn’t deserve. It was 20 years before you beloved grandma was born, you know, the one
that used to give you money before death claimed her life 3 years ago. This
turned everything to the very opposite. Decisions were made to divide us. It
was during the British mandate of Palestine. It was all about “divide, rule”.
It’s not a new thing, believe me.

Sarah: What do you mean by this, Aunt? I didn’t get your point; more
explanation , please. 

Aunt: Well, if you have a bunch of woods, all are put together. Can you
break them into small pieces, Sarah?

Sarah: mmm, I can’t, for sure.

Aunt: it’s the same. They wanted to divide us so that they can do their job
perfectly, without interruption. The British used to grant certain families
privileges to spread hatred among us, to crack our community, to rule.

Sarah: That’s too bad! What happened next?

Aunt: It was the start that turned later to be what you see nowadays. By
1948, all displaced Palestinians hid under tents, the UN used to
distribute to help displaced refugees.

Sarah: Oh! Damn. Electricity went off. How will I do my homework??!

Aunt: Don’t worry. You can do it tomorrow early before birds leave their
nests for food!

Sarah: It’s a good idea. Go on aunt. Listening to your narration in darkness
makes me feel what happened. Go on for God’s sake!

Aunt: After Nakba, all people agreed on one thing: getting back what they
have lost. People have not divided over this for a single moment in our modern
history. But things started to change the moment the PLO signed the Oslo pact in
September, 1993. Great number of people refused the agreement for they believed
it undermined our national interests.

Sarah: Ha! That’s why we have two camps now!

Aunt: You hit the nail on head, proud of you babe! Besides, Occupation
followed track of giving certain people privileges and money, so they went with its policies and society got more divided . The PA used to arrest people who opposed its political agendas; we went through dark periods where families were divided, dreams.

Sarah: Oh God! That’s too bad! How we would reach to such a moment!

Aunt: Yeah, I agree.

(Electricity goes on ; lights and Sarah’s smile shine together)

Don’t you want to do your homework naughty!

Sarah: No, I am eager to listen to the tale to the very end. Just go on and
don’t care about me.

Aunt: OK! The occupation state followed new tactics then. It divided the
Palestinian territories into three pieces. (It’s actually four ones for many
Palestinians), Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. People were prevented from
visiting their families in each side.

Sarah: Ah! That’s why my mom has not been to her family since 2000. I love to
be there once in my lifetime! I want to play with my relatives of my age who I
have never seen all my life.

Aunt: You will be there one day babe, don’t worry. Things will change. I

Sarah: I wish so.

Aunt: This is the tale of Palestinian rift in brief. The geographical rift
brought about the political one. Palestinians have been divided into small
communities since they once have mercilessly been ethincally cleansed out of their homeland . Our people are scattered in refugee camps in Gaza, the West Bank,
and the Diaspora. Our unity has been shaken in its essence, we are still united,
however. Sarah, they want us divided so that they can break us the same you
would break woods’ pocket once it gets separated.

Sarah: I have got it now! They will not be able to do so. As long as our
spirits are united to achieve our dreams, they will fail to do so! I promise. The
more they try to crack us, the more we will get stronger.

Aunt: Yalla! Time to sleep, I wish you enjoyed it.

Sarah: It was quite amazing. They will reconcile again, I assure. Critically injured, Our cat got home 6 months later Shimo ( referring to her elder brother’s name) threw him away. Things reshape as time passes, life. 

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