I will leave Palestine Once and Forever

A Victim of forcibly being under occupation
The Tragedy of Palestine

Making a decision nowadays is one of the most complicated things one may face, one sometimes, finds himself or herself forced to make a decision, unlike his or her own will, however.

Ever since I was created on this land and during all my lifetime stages, I was hesitant to make this decision, though I am no longer not certain about my choice now. With all love I have in my heart to Palestine, its streets, kids, trees, and seas, this very decision will make my beloved Palestine in a state of agony.

I used to hate Goodbyes ever since I was a child. The moment I left my uncle’s home in the West Bank City of Jericho is still rooted in my mind. The faces of relatives who were gazing at us while we were painfully monitoring their reactions is still in my deep memory, nevertheless it took place 10 years ago. The time I looked at my eldest brother’s face when a crowd of his friends brought him to our home carried on a coffin to let my family members have the last look at him, six hours later of shooting him by an Israeli sniper to death on the 7th of March by the dawn, is still rotted in my mind too. Each time there was a moment of Goodbye, I tried to go a step back so as to not be in the front.

But this time, the entire notion, the whole thing is greatly different. People, land, sunshine, misery, my books, my old memories, and my shadow that I will leave behind, all together, will come to see me off before I departure the iron gate of our stolen country heading up to the big world. I will leave Palestine. Yes, I will. Blame me not. I will spend my left time seeing the places I have lived in and remembering the memories and experiences I have gone through. Farewell my part.

Alas!. I lie. I am kidding. I will leave Palestine if only if Israelis accept to live a day, less than a day under occupation. I will leave Palestine, if they agree to be humiliated and suffocated each time they travel from town to another. I will say goodbye to Palestine, if they, accept to be kicked out of their homes and lands for the sake of giving up their lands to groups of aliens. If they accept that their children are being murdered and horrified just because of their origin, I will do, if they accept to be deprived of getting medical treatment for a moment, less than a moment indeed, If only if they like to be put in prisons for decades, to be insulted for their identity, and to be regarded sub-humans and If they agree on this, I will be the first one who leaves Palestine.

Since, I am sure that no one likes to live in such conditions and will never accept this; I will not leave my beloved Palestine. I will stay here as long as there is olive, as long as there is man on this planet and as long as there is faithfulness. I am rooted in this land. I feel my grandfathers’ footprints wherever I go. I hear their voices calling upon me to stay strong, to stay human. Here we were, here we are, here we will live and die. The entire region in flux, only indigenous people will stand in the eye of the storm and all strangers will flee back.

Peace be upon Palestine.
Stay Palestinian.
By Yousef M. Aljamal

5 May, 2011

9:03 P.M

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3 Responses to I will leave Palestine Once and Forever

  1. Sam says:

    Very good article Yousef 🙂

  2. Nabi Faqiri says:

    very well written bro. obviously i cannot say i know how you feel but its inspiring to know when people have hardships and they stay strong.

  3. Dear Uncle,
    Your article reflects how emotional and how strong we are at the same time.
    Despite the usfferings, we are so strong. Sometimes, when you look at a tree branches, you find them very week and not enough green, but as long as the roots are very deep in the ground, someday such branches and leafes will become stong and green.
    This is our case in brief.
    I encourage you to write more and more, as feelings can be reached and touched when they bcome words on lines..
    Your uncle,
    Belal Al-Jamal,
    Best wishes to the whole family..

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