In Gaza, My Gaza

In Gaza, a taxi driver may seek your excuses to sit 5 persons in a three-designed seat claiming that he does so for god’s sake, and then he asks them to pay for him to feed his poor kids who do nothing at that moment, but wait his Shekels.

In Gaza, instead of fuel, people use corn oil to run their cars, to the fact you feel that you are in a kitchen rather than an old Mercedes car that costs more than BMW car in the United States.

In Gaza, an old friend comes to your home at 1:00 am, knocks the door loudly, shouts at you, wakes the whole neighborhood, and then simply smiles and tells you that he comes to have a cup of heavy tea with you, if you don’t mind. ( You do mind actually, but you don’t tell).

In Gaza, you may find a funeral for a youth who passed away because of the siege, and not so far from it, you find a wedding party for a man who smuggled his wife through the tunnels, due to the siege too.

In Gaza, the number of children is doubled three times at least compared with the number of living rooms in one of the biggest homes in the city.

In Gaza, there are 1.5 million people are living in the most crowded area on the earth, and there are 1 million generators which are used when electricity is off.

In Gaza, the eldest son of a family has to name his first son or daughter as his parents’, otherwise, he or she are considered controlled.

In Gaza, the culture of old generation is true while the culture of the young is wrong; claimed that the latter is an alien.

In Gaza, you wake up on the screams of the young kids who live in the next house who get up and wake you up early in the morning. These very kids sleep late, shouting too, while you dream of sleeping some more in your only weekend.

In Gaza, a woman of your neighbors kicks the door of your home, without waiting till the residents of the home open it for her, to show her daughter’s new clothes. ( you and your daughters are not gentle indeed).

In Gaza, the number of neighbors is rapidly increasing, even it is about to be more than the number of troubles of life.

In Gaza, most people leave their homes in summer and hit the road to the beach, and then they come back without swimming.

In Gaza, the more you have children, the stronger you are, the safer your life will become and therefore, the more capons from UNRWA you will get!

In Gaza, the number of new born children is the highest all over the world. At the same time, the number of people who pass away because of the sever lack of medicine is the highest too.

In Gaza, one might cry rivers of tears during his or her life, but that unique one could not be defeated and always smiles.

In Gaza, you find remains of bones of tens of people in the same cave, because most of them wrote on their will to their relatives after them to bury them with their beloved people who were killed or passed away.

In Gaza, you look at a cemetery and find thousands of caves, then you assume that the number of people who are killed by a bomb or pass away safely, is many more than the number of people who are alive.

In Gaza, you may find secular, religious, and communist people live peacefully, sit at the middle of a summer’s night together, tell stories that belong to their grandfather who was once a human being, then leave to sleep. The next day, they do the same thing, nothing changes, but the date of the day.

Yousef M. Aljamal

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